Reviews First, We Listen. Then, We Build a Plan.
  • Doing Whatever It Takes To Get It Done.
    I can not express enough gratitude and appreciation! I have a very tough, confusing and totally crazy case. Hannah and her team have worked and studied and pulled out amazing things for us. Everyone is always willing to do whatever it takes to get it done and so very pleasant and caring about it.

    - Amme F.

  • Focused on Seeking Out Fair Outcomes
    Hannah was incredibly professional, a bulldog when needed and kept our main goals in focus at all times. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for representation that will keep you focused, optimize your costs and seek out the most beneficial and fair outcome as possible. If only all attorneys were as amazing as her, the world would be a better place!! Truly!!

    - Leah L.

  • I’m Forever Thankful
    I had no intentions of hiring an attorney and wanted to save money, but God had other plans for me. He put an angel in my path with no knowledge of my situation, but a kind heart and loving spirit. I needed $4 for copies at the court house and the ATM wasn’t working. I’d been there all day and was exhausted from running around playing my own attorney. Hannah paid for my copies and made time to listen to my story. I’m forever grateful for Hannah Hembree-Bell, who didn’t reach out to me as a client for my business, but as a kind hearted woman with compassion and empathy for another. She and her team guided me and encouraged me to not give up on this year and a half journey. This is not just a review, but it’s more of a praise and note of gratitude. I’m forever thankful that she listened to her kind heart that day and did a good deed for a broken hearted soul. I’m blessed to have crossed paths with her when I needed her expertise.

    - Veronica A.

  • Constant Source of Encouragement
    I recently had the privilege of being able to hire Hannah to consult with me on a custody modification case representing my son. I found Hannah to be extremely helpful in my case. She is very bright and well versed on family law and how to work with the system to get a desired result. She is extremely friendly and personable. She was with me every step of the way and a constant encouragement as I tried to maneuver the legal system. I find her to be without question one of the brightest and kindest attorney I have met. I have had a few family law attorneys over the years and Hannah definitely ranks as one of the best! I would definitely recommend her for anyone seeking advice or representation on family matters. I cannot express how great it is to have met her and worked with her. Excellent job! Highly recommended and forever grateful!

    - Danny L.