Family Law Pro-Tip | Say Less and Say It Slower

One of the most practical important Pro-Tips I’ll ever share with you guys - Say Less and Say it Slower! Here’s the deal. When you’re married, you get pretty accustomed to instantaneous responses from your spouse. If they aren't answering a text in 10 min or less, you’re calling to figure out why not. When you’re going through a divorce, this same instant communication will be your default. You will feel the need to answer back right away. And (ladies we are the worst at this) to tell everything you know like you’ve done while married to this person. But DO NOT FALL INTO THAT TRAP. Be smarter. This is no longer your trusted companion. You need to say less and say it slower. Think more like 24-48 hour responses (business to business timing) than a rash text back to a question you shouldn’t answer with information that will hurt your negotiating position. (Of course this does not apply to time-sensitive kid issues). Trust me on this. Set new boundaries. You’ll gain both strength for your position and freedom from the tyranny of a back-and-forth with your ex-factor every hour of the day. Removing yourself from the drama is literally one of the silver linings of getting divorced. Embrace it.