The Twelve Days of Christmas – Divorce Edition – Day 4

Join Attorneys Hannah Hembree Bell as she shares divorce tidbits, tips, do’s and don’ts inspired by the timeless classic that none of us can get out our heads this time of year.

“On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me….four calling birds.” Listen, if you’re getting divorced and it rings, pings, or dings, you better LOCK.IT.DOWN. Y’all have heard me harp on this before. Hear it again. Think through how intertwined your tech life is with your current/future ex spouse. Now imagine alllll of your precious photos, videos, music, emails – everything got deleted. Scary thought, right? Well, that’s what could happen if you don’t change every password that ever existed—or, at minimum, make sure all your stuff is copied and stored in a secure place your ex factor can’t access. You’ll thank us later.